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"... Hótel Búðir, the region’s game-changing property."

iceland Times

"Hótel Búðir‘s chefs have somewhat of an obsession with using fresh and seasonal materials, even using local flowers for making salad oil and local Cow Parsley for seasoning. The fish is of course brought from the local markets as soon as it is brought to land. "

the telegraph

"Founders of the travel blog Classe Touriste, journalist Debbie Pappyn and photographer David De Vleeschauwer travel the world's most isolated regions to explore 'untouched' landscapes and stay at little-known hotels. Newly published by Lannoo, their book Remote Places to Stay ... "

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Forbes magazine

"While the lunar-esque environment feels like another planet, the hotel makes you feel right at home."

"Brassarnir okkar fóru síðan sælir að sofa þetta kvöld á Hótel Búðum á Snæfellsnesi, en það er líklegast fallegasta sveitahótel landsins."

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"With the Atlantic literally meters away, Hotel Budir is perhaps the only real beachfront hotel in Iceland"


 Financial Times

"With the Atlantic a few metres away, Hotel Budir is perhaps the only real beachfront hotel in Iceland. It lies next to a lava field, with views over the Snaefellsnes glacier ... "